Below are links to all of the recordings in my PhD portfolio. More details, including programme notes, can be found at the beginning of the thesis.

Audio recordings:

KUBOV album

Emma Lloyd and Karin Schistek: Improvisation

Lutosławski: Partita

Matthew Sergeant: bet denagel

Stockhausen: Verbindung

Matthew Whiteside: Ulation

Matthew Whiteside: Solo for viola d'amore and electronics

Video recordings:

Jess Aslan: 104, mechanica, and softly, softly

Matthew Sergeant: [kiss]

Ian Vine: [2520] Individual works for violin


Earle Brown: December 1952 (virtual installation)

Lastly, here are links to the appendices:

Appendix A.2: violin technique

Appendix A.3: photographs

Scores or score samples can be made available on request with consent from the composer/publisher